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Thursday message from Dr. Gopalakrishnan - 02.04.2009

THURSDAY MESSAGE, 2nd April 2009 (SERIES 151)
Sree Varaha Upanishad. This is an Upanishad written in five chapters. The first three chapters comprised of the description on the Brahmam and the qualities and qualifications of the Brahmajnaani. The description is given as the discussion between the Varaha Avataara and Maharshi Risbhu. The information on controlling the mind, body, breathing, food, detachment from the luxuries of the life are described in the first chapter of the Upanishad. How to practice the meditation on the divine power and how to get the experience on ‘each and everyone of the living beings is the manifestation of the divine power’ is described. In the 4th chapter the discussion between Maharishi Rubhu and his disciple Nigaadha is given . The importance of the thorough knowledge on the absolute truth is the first part of the explanation, then description goes to different levels of knowledge on the same subject. Further description is given on the Maaya which is the cover which prevents us from getting the real and absolute knowledge about everything.
ACHIEVEMENTS OF IISH IN THIS WEEK: Sai seva samithi collaborates for the sevanam samarpanam service for the distribution of the clothes from iish . Latest speeches of Sri. Girishkumar and Dr. P. Raman have been uploaded in the website. Great series of lectures were organized at the school of science and arts at Amruthapuri Vallikkavu. Lectues were organized in Trivandrum. VCD on Tanthra Saastra by L. Girishkumar and On Mind and its capacity by Dr. P. Raman, My country’s knowledge Lecture series in MP3 CD by N. Gopalakrishnan and Ayurarogya seminar lectures on Ayurveda were released

ANCIENT INDIAN MANAGEMENT MESSAGES: VIDUROPADESA. : None should create hatred against others in our family. None should cheat others in our family. None should be in our family who is a responsible Govt official who takes bribe. None should be in our family who destroys our friends and friendship. None should be in our family who steals others property.
SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGIICAL MESSAGE OF INDIA: The iron produced in Maharjhari during 700 BC, Takalghat and Naikund showed that the percentage purity of the same is 99. 1 %, 99.6 % and 98.2 %. Producing such a level of purity in iron ingots even today is not that easy. This given a great exposure to us on the technology existed during then in iron production
THIS WEEK MESSAGE: India could survive for the last ten thousand years with all its dharmic values, even though many other countries and civilization got wiped out by the foreign invasion. That achievement was due to the sacrifice of tens of thousands of soldiers, kings and scholars. Not merely by the message of ahimsa
Even though everyone has the same type of hunger, There are different types of food. We could have solved the hunger with only one food. Like that even though there is only one spiritual power, there should be different pathways for realizing that power. So there are many god concept in India all reaching to the absolute power.
A SERIOUS INFORMATION: An accident took place about 60 meters away from a Siva temple, which is adjacent to a small chapel. Next day there was a poster “ Siva Kills and Jesus saves’ None against this. The Christians are using all the negatives and positives for spreading the Christianity through out India. Tens of thousands of Hindus are being converted to Christianity by cheating like this daily, whether you know the seriousness of the consequences or not.
One person has sent an email to me saying that we should not criticize other religion and our duty is only to teach our dharma. :- I would like to inform him and all our friends that learning , teaching and practicing our dharma are the real dharma. More important is protecting our dharma when torrential attack is taking place against our dharma by way of conversion. Hence it is the bound dharma of every Indian to fight against conversion and bring back the converted people.

YOUR QUESTIONS AND MY ANSWERS ( YOUR QUESTIONS ON CASTE SYSTEMS CONTD). Did the caste discrimination exist during ancient days? Never and there was no incident which describes about caste discrimination in ancient period. ……… How to solve the present problem? If properly handled there will not be any problem…………. What do you mean by proper handing ? Educating people on the negatives and the positives of the caste system…… How to educate people? Tell them that Veda vyasa was from fishermen family, Sree Krishna was from Yadava family belong to Yadava kula (other backward community- obc ) Sree Rama was from Kshatriya family, Maharshi Maheedaasa Aitareya was from potter family ( presently scheduled tribe), Vaalmeeki is a burglar again from the scheduled tribe……….Was Sreekrishna not an avataara? Yes Sree Krishna was black and born in a so called low caste as an avataara………. . Is it not true that these are the examples of thousands of years ago ? yes these are the examples of Bharath during the initial stage of the origin of the caste system which had no problem at all. …….. Is there any example which we can site during the modern period. ? See the examples of Maata Amruthananda mayee ( Amma) and Sree Satya Sai Baba, Swami Vivekananda, Aurobindo Maharshi and so on. Educate properly the common mass on these great scholars of Bhaarath who were not born in Brahmin family………….what is meant by proper education? Inform them that Mata Amruthananda mayee, Satya Sai Baba, Vivekananda, Sree Narayana Guru and many other belonging to non Brahmin guru parampara have millions of followers belonging to all castes and religions including Brahmins even though they themselves are not born to Brahmin parents………..educate properly that Amma has consecrated dozens of Brahma sthaanam temples in spite of the fact that she belongs to fisher men family and also a woman………. none has ever created a problem or none has criticized the above saints of India …… You have earlier said that the caste problems are not the real problem but the politicians create the problems? Yes I did and I wish to tell that the politicians want always to keep the caste system and its negatives alive for their benefit whether the society divides or the society goes to dogs, they are more heinous than the Britishers who ruled India for more than 250 years. ………..Do you want to say that all politicians are like this..? Yes each and every politician is like that and if a good man becomes a politician he will also become a vote burglar like this in India and start dividing the scoeity.

With pranams !Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, M. A.; M.Sc.;Ph.D.; D.Litt.; Director, IISH

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